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Sellling WCOOP 5k ME action
  BigRed0000, Sep 19 2009

Hello everybody.

I'm selling action for tomorrow's 5k WCOOP 2 day Main Event at 1 to 1, however the action will be split 90/10 (your favor ofc). Meaning... cash for 100k, and you have 10%, we would split 10k 90/10 for you (9k for you, 1k me).

10% = 520

PM or reply here, thanks

gl everyone playing.

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for TJ.. a sad day.
  BigRed0000, Jul 30 2009

I got some pretty bad news the other day, a friend of mine from highschool who was one of the original regs in our h/s poker game was shot and killed over a bad drug deal. He was the originator of the nickname 'bigred' and one of the coolest guys to play with. RIP TJ Geredine.

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Day 2 Main event
  BigRed0000, Jul 09 2009

ended the day with 166,800. Very happy with this, esp. b/c i came into the day with 55k. My starting table was good, not great. 1 ok player (CKingUSC) but he played pretty tight and didn't really get in my way. I won small pots and chipped up to 75k then our table broke and............. I FINALLY got moved to a true WSOP ME table. No one was good, the only other young guy besides me was a terribad nit. It was amazing. Towards the end of the day it got a litttttttle worse when i busted the 9 seat (I was in 7) and he got replaced by some tournament reg i've never heard of named Brikdog24? He got 2nd in the 5k 6m apparently and played ok but a lot tighter than I thought he would at first. His bet sizing was kind of bad too.... so he was probably a live pro who plays online every now and then (most of them have bad bet sizing). Anyway I lost a couple big pots to him when he first got moved making 1 bad hero call and the 2nd one wasn't a 'hero' call but.... yeah. I figured out he was actually just a nit who looks like an aggro internet kid and adjusted/owned him accordingly. Plzzzzzzzzzzzzz run good tomrrow, i felt kinda bad right at dinner so i'm just gonna drink water and lay down all day. GL to everyone from LP still in, off the top o fmy head....

Chris, MiPwnya, Blair Hinkle, Mythhhhhhhhhhhh, art, steve?

EDIT: huge shout out / props to the man the myth the legend Corwin Cole for owning shaun deeb.

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